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The National Cadet Corps was established in 1949. NCC as an organization contributes towards development of the youths in the country. It is administered by the Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India. The motto of NCC is "UNITY AND DISCIPLINE". Training activities in NCC consists of the basic training of the regular armed forces provided throughout the educational year on every Sunday starting from the month of July till March for 2 years. NCC offers a specialized course which includes the practical training of weapon handling, drill, military tactics, civil defence, first aid, etc. Other activities includes adventure training like parasailing, trekking, cycle expedition, etc. NCC also participates in social activities like blood donation, tree plantation, medical aid camps, natural calamity relief, etc.

a. NCC Certificate Examination

Since 2013-14, the eligibility criterion for “B” Certificate examination is two years training and one camp, and for “C” Certificate examination is three years training and two camps. After successful completion of the training offered by the NCC, a cadet is entitled to appear for various certificate examinations. NCC offers a specialized course which ends with examination and results. Passing of these NCC examinations is a must for the cadets because the certificates help them to get various benefits. Each cadet has to attend a minimum of one annual training camp, in addition to 75% attendance to qualify for 'B' and 'C' certificate examination held at the end of 1st and 2nd year of NCC respectively. Cadets find these certificates of immense value while seeking employment in armed forces. Now-a-days even the private and public sector undertakings prefer NCC certificate holders for appointments on various posts which require a sense of courage, strength,duty and discipline.

b. NCC Scholarship Scheme

NCC provides scholarship of Rs.6,000/- each per annum to 750 deserving NCC cadets who have excelled in academics. It also facilitates the best cadets and second best cadets of each NCC group with a cash award of Rs.3,500/- each and Rs.2,500/- each respectively.
SAHARA INDIA PARIWAR (Sahara Group of Companies) has formulated a scheme for granting scholarship to cadets as under:

  • Rs.12,000/- each for 380 cadets of Senior Division/Wing
  • Rs.30,000/- each for 66 cadets for Higher studies

All cadets have to apply through the respective NCC unit.

c. Cadet Welfare Society

The scheme of NCC Cadet Welfare Society was introduced in February 1985. The Society provides financial relief up to Rs.3,00,000/- to cadets in case of death or 100% permanent disability during organized NCC high risk activities and Rs.2.5 lakh for normal activities. Reimbursement is made up to Rs.1.75 lakh for specialized treatment, 20% additional relief for the cadet with 100% disability, if recommended constant medical attendance. Reimbursement up to Rs.1,50,000/- is made towards specialized treatment in case of injury which is totally cured.

Job Opportunities Through NCC

DefenCe Services

Vacancies reserved for commission in defence services for NCC 'C' certificate holders:

  1. Army - IMA Dehradun - 64 vacancies for every course through UPSC and SSB interview. OTA Chennai - 100 vacancies every year for short service commission (Non Tech), no UPSC examination only SSB interview.
  2. Navy - 6 vacancies per course, no UPSC exam, only SSB interview. Two years age relaxation for NCC 'C' certificate holders.
  3. Indian Air Force - 10% in all courses including flying training course, no UPSC exam only SSB interview.
  • For soldier category, sailors or air men 5-10 bonus marks awarded for recruitment.
  • 20% vacancies reserved for girl cadets in OTA Chennai.

General Services

  • Paramilitary forces - 2-10 bonus marks awarded for recruitment.
  • Department of telecommunications - bonus marks awarded for recruitment.
  • NCC - civilian gliding instructors/girl cadet instructors/ whole time lady officers.
  • State Government - preference for state services in certain states.
  • Industry - many industries give preference to NCC 'C' certificate holders for various jobs.

NCC in College

Students who are willing to join NCC may contact
NCC in- charge, Capt. V.R. Choudhari.