Adult Education


Programmes held in Academic Year 2008-09

Co-ordinator : Dr. B. D. Deshmukh

  • College Level Acitivities

Cleanliness of College Campus

Tree Plantation

Ragoli Competition

  • Social Programme

" Murghas" presentation

Innovative ideas in School level teaching methods conducted by Dr. B.D. Deshmukh & Dr. Sampada Kulkarni.

  • Student Counselling

Personality Development on 'Soft Skills' by Dr. R. D. Joshi & Parag Bhalchandra

Programmes held in Academic Year 2009-10

Coordinator : Dr. B. D. Deshmukh

Programmes are held at three Levels :

A. College Level

Gardening, Campus cleaning, Rangoli and Essay Writing Competitions.

B. Social Programmes

  • 'Street Play' presented by students at Magarwadi to aware villagers about blind faith, over population, illiteracy,etc.
  • A workshop was organised for farmers/villagers to provide knowledge about co-bussiness to farming
  • Health checking and inocculation of cattles, goats, sheep, etc

C. Student Counselling

Guidance for competative exams like MPSC,UPSC,MBA, etc. is given by Dr. G. C. Kulkarni (Director of MTS exam, Wadiya College, Pune)

Programmes held in Academic Year 2010-11

Coordinator : Dr. B. D. Deshmukh

  • College Level Activity

"Yoga Vidnyan Shibir" for College girl students

Communicative English Certificate Course conducted

Irradication of Blind faith Programme

  • Social Activities

A Camp for clinical inspection & Sonography for pet animals organised at Sangaon.

Various Competitions for school students conducted by the department

  • Students Counselling and Career Guidance

A lecture delivered by Shri. V V Gangane on 'Advanced Technology in Computer Science'.

Guidance given by Prof. Rama Pande on 'Interview skills and Technology'.

Guidance given by Prof. Dr. Dhananjay Gaikwad (Director, Maitree Institute of Management & Technology) on 'Guidelines While Selecting / Choosing Career'

A special Workshop was conducted on " Female foetus-killing" which was guided by Dr. Shubhada Lohiya, Dr. Anagha Pathak and respected Dr. Mandakini Vaidya (Member, YES).

Programmes held in Academic Year 2011-12

Coordinator : Dr. B. D. Deshmukh

  • College Level Acivity

Essay Competition & Debate Competition

Pre-marital Counselling

Visit to 'Silk-worms population' Centre.

The department conducted 'Women Empowerment' Programme, in which Shri. Mandar Vaidya (Dy. Collector & Divisional Magistrate, Ambajogai) and Smt. Swati Bhor (Dy. SP, Ambajogai) guided the students

  • Social Activities

Clinical inespection & Inocculation to cattles at Shepwadi

Survey conducted to note gender percentage

  • Students Counselling

Guidance given by Kiran Kodarkar on 'Competitive Examination'.
Guidance given by Dr. Sunitee Barve & Dr. Milind Sardesai on 'Career in Botany'.