Senior College Courses

First and Second Year

Compulsory subject :-

  • English
  • Environment, Computer Science (Only for First Year)

Second Languages: Marathi/Hindi/Urdu

Optional Subjects: Only one group can be selected from the following:

  1. Chemistry, Zoology Microbiology
  2. Chemistry, Botany, Zoology
  3. Chemistry, Zoology, Dairy Science
  4. Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science
  5. Physics, Chemistry, Electronics
  6. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics
  7. Physics, Computer Science, Mathematics
  8. Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Zoology
  9. Botany, Zoology, Computer Science
  10. Physics, Electronics, Computer Science
  11. Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics
  12. Physics, , Computer Application, Electronics
  13. Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Computer Science
  14. Botany, Computer Science, Zoology
  15. Computer Science, Zoology, Dairy Science
  16. Botany, Microbiology, Computer Application
  17. Chemistry, Botany, Computer Application

Third Year

Only those subjects which are selected in First and Second Year

New Degree Courses:

1) BCS

2) BCA

M.Sc. First Year/Second Year

1) Mathematics

2) Chemistry

3) Computer Science

4) Zoology