Extension Activities

Institution promotes institution-neighbourhood community network and student engagement, contributing to good citizenship, service orientation and holistic development of students.

The college maintains a cordial relationship with the neighborhood and the local administration, by which the student and local community are mutually benefited. The notable extension activity through which the institution serves the community is NSS. Every year particular village is selected in consultation with local Sarpanch and students and teachers offer their valuable services to the community in various ways, such as through awareness programmes, cleanliness activities, literacy programmes, social interactions, etc. Students develop leadership activities, service mentality, self confidence, etc. All these activities contribute in students' personality development. Finally, students begin to connect theory and practice, education and service and ultimately realize the holistic development.     

We serve to society through Women Study Center, Population Education Center, Environment Awareness Programmes, Blood Donation Camp, etc. The other activities carried out by students during NSS Camp are Nala bunding, Tree Plantation, Women's Meet, Farmers' Meet, etc.

Institution uses mechanism to track students' involvement in various social movements / activities which promote citizenship roles.

At the beginning of academic year portfolios are distributed. The college invites voluntary participation of the faculty considering their interest and ability essential for respective programme. The college promotes participation of students in extension activities through their felicitation. The college organizes various outreach programmes through NSS. The major contribution of NSS is:

  1. Organization of Special Youth Camp
  2. AIDS Awareness Rally and Lecture
  3. Pulse Polio Campaign
  4. District Leadership Development Workshop
  5. Disaster Management Camp
  6. Sadbhavna Day Celebrations
  7. Blood Donation Camp

The Institution solicits stakeholder's perception on the overall performance and quality of the institution.

We organize every year alumni and parents meet. These stakeholders are invited to participate in meetings for the appraisal of the performance of institution. Our performance is explained, feedback is taken and suggestions are sought. Our regular students are informed during programmes like welcome function to new students and when other programmes are conducted such as meeting of the departmental associations, Career guidance, etc.

Teachers are given clear-cut information during IQAC meetings and general meetings called by Principal. Besides everyone’s ideas are frequently solicited for quality enhancement process of the institutions. We have fixed Suggestion Boxes in which students put their suggestions and grievances.