Sports & Gymkhana





Our college has given number of good sportsmen till today. This year too, our many students participated in different competitions held at Local, District, State & National Level. They represented our college very successfully in inter-collegiate games such as Kho-Kho , Table Tennis, Badminton and Wrestling. Everyday our students practice under guidance of Dr. Pravin Bhosale.

Staff Details :






1 Dr. P M Bhosale Head & Director of Phy. Edu. M.P.Ed, Ph.D 9890072734


Gymkhana Facilities :

Indoor Games (Gymnasium Hall)

  • Badminton Hall (35 M x 18 M)
  • Table Tennis Hall
  • Wrestling Hall (5.30 M X 16.50 M)
  • Gym (5.30 M X 16.50 M)


Grounds :

Playgrounds :

  • One track 400 m (171.5 m x 112.5 m)
  • Volleyball Court - Three
  • Kho-kho Ground - Two
  • Football Ground - One
  • Kabaddi Ground - Two

All above grounds/ courts are with standard measurements and with good facilities.

Games in which college takes part at University level : Kabaddi, Kho-kho, Volleyball, Athletics, Table Tennis, Judo, Wrestling, Mallakhamb, Cricket, Ball-Badminton, Chess.

Both, boys and girls, equally take part in the games.

Awards Secured :

  • Akshay Raut was selected in Shuttle Badminton inter-university tournament at Surat in 2010-11
  • Rushikesh Lomte was selected in volleyball in Ashwamedh Tournament at Akola in 2010-11
  • In inter-collegiate Tournament our women's team was second runner-up in Table Tennis in Aurangabad 2010-11
  • Akshay Raut was selected in shuttle Badminton in inter-university tournament at Udaypur in 2011-12
  • Out team won the Shuttle Badminton title of inter-collegiate tournament in 2012-13
    We organised inter-collegiate KHO-KHO Tournament in 2015-16


Games/ Competitions Organised :

Inter-collegiate and Inter-zone: Kabaddi, Kho-kho, Volleyball, Athletics, Basketball, Athletics,Shooting,Handball, Table Tennis, Rowing.

Krida Prbhodhini :

On behalf of 'Yogeshwari Krida Prbhodhini' we try to prepare meritorious players in various fields to maintain physical & mental health. Institute has deputed one trained teachers.