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 About YES

Our education Society is one of the most reputed educational Institution founded before india’s Independence in 1918 those were the days of Nizam’s tyrant rule, education was imported only through urdu causing the greatest damage to the development of Marathi student. Realizing these critical circumstances, Hon. Adv. Late shri. Narayanraoji Joshi, unofficially with the pure intention of educating marathi students started marathi school in 1918. it was later in 1935, when the great sanyasi, freedom fighter and the prime leader of Hyderabad Mukti Sangram, an MP, came over to Ambajogai and officially established and started this Institution with two objectives – to strengthen the Indian freedom movement and educate the poor Marathwada students. The main objective of this Institution have been, since then Patriotism, Nation building, Education, Democracy, Secularism and upliftment of the poor sections of the society.

It was in a very short form, 75 years ago today with the honest, sincere, tireless striving of the Society authorities (Rev. Babasaheb Paranjape, Hon. Purshottam alias Bhausaheb Chousalkar, Hon. Shridhar Soman, Hon. Shivajirao Chousalkar, Hon. Adv. Trimbakrao Khursale, Dr. Vyankatrao Deshpande, Rajarampant sonwalkar, Hon. R.D. Deshpande, Bethuji Guruji, Hon. Balirampant kamkhedkar, Hon. E.M.Kulkarni and the existing Dr. S.T.Khursale, Adv. V.K.Chousalkar, and Adv. Shivajirao Karad).

Our Institution has flourished and spread in various branches and sections. Eg. Science faculty, Arts faculty, Commerce Faculty.  The society runs the following different educational units in the town.  The totals student strength of these sections being near to 7500.

  • Yogehswari Science College.
  • S.R.T. Arts and Commerce College.
  • Shri.Yogeshwari Nutan High School
  • Shrimati Godawaribai Kunkulol Yogeshwari Girl’s High School.
  • Late D.B. Ganage Yogeshwari Nutan Primary School.

With these all noble aims and objectives, the Society arranges two major lecture series during  the year.

  • Shri Ganesh Vyakhanmala.
  • Shri Swami Ramanand Teerth Vyakhan mala.

We directly need this Science Centre.

Comparatively, the region being backward, the age being the age of 21st century, the age of Science and Technology, no one can deny the need and significance of such a SCIENCE CENTRE at Ambajogai which is surrounded by many backward,poor, developed villages, schools and peoples.

The schools around Ambajogai don’t have any modern equipments or facility to create and develop interest in science. We would feel ourselves proud and meritorious, if we could be able to provide this facility to all the needy students which may perhaps in future bear great Scientists and Engineers building our country. The need is of creating Science culture for which we are sending this proposal to you for all kinds of assistance.

Approximate cost of the project.

Our Yogeshwari education society own sufficient land to erect this project. But we need to provide sufficient and required infrastructure (laboratories, Science park, planetarium, museums,3D theatre) for its justify utility. We also need equipments, instruments, apparatus, chemicals, etc. Not only this, but experts from the particular disciplines are required to run and control the proper management and use of the science centre.

Considering all above mentioned factors, the estimate approximately goes to Rs. 5 Crore.

We have already begun with the preliminary and opening activities of the science centre. We have established a science association which arranged the science meet on 17th july, 2010 of the students and people interested in science under the guidance of Hon. Dr.A.P.Deshpande, Chairman,marathi vidnyan parishad, Dr. Anil Manekar, Director, Nehru science centre,Mumbai and prof. Sudhakar Agarkar, Director, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre and Tata Institute of fundamental Research. Originally this idea of erecting Scicnec Centre was suggested and then finalized by the great freedom fighter, Hon. Gangaprasadji Agrawal, Adv. R.S.Deshpande (Vice president of G.B.Y.E.S.) and Dr.S.T.Khursale (Chairman Y.E.Society) on 19th June 2010.

The foundation stone was put on 6th Aug.2010 the auspicious hands of maharashtra Chief Minister, Hon. Shri. Ashokraoji Chavan. There were Hon.Rajesh Tope(minister, Higher Education and Technology).Hon.Jaydattji Kshirsagar(minister),Hon. Vimaltai Mundada(an MLA) to five best wishes to the project.

Bhoomi poojan and foundation stone erection of the science centre’s auditorium were performed by Late HON. Gopinathrao Munde on 7th Aug.2010 in presence of Hon. Vimaltai Mundana (an MLA), Dhanajay Munde(an MLA) and shri prithviraj Sathe (chairman, Nagarparishad Ambajogai).

This year we are celebrating the platinum Jubilee of our Institution. With the reaffirmations and reconfirmations of our aims and objectives , this has inspired us to add to the institutions glory beautiful and useful Science Centre in our society premises. Extending all our services particularly in the field of scientific approach to life.