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Dr. U. D. Joshi

Professor M.Sc (Physics), Ph.D.

Yogeshwari Education Society is firmly committed to providing value-based education to socially and economically backward students at affordable cost thereby enriching national human resource.

    We believe it is the moral duty of each & every teacher to inculcate human values ​​along with formal education to lead the society in right direction. A teacher’s reputation is based on how he/she develops skills in the students and help to build a well-cultured society. 
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Alumni Student

         Open interview on 'field of gardening and nursery development'

          On the occasion of Centenary Year of  Yogeshwari Education Society an open interview of well known enterprenur in the field of gardening and nursery development Shri Suhas Vaidya (Pallavankur Nursaries Aurangabad) was organised by our college on saturday 25th November 2017. This programme was especially for B.Sc.  Students. Invities, Teachers and Members of YES were participated in the programme.
            Vice President of YES Ad. Shivajirao Karad acted as president of the function where as Shri Chandrashekhar Bardapurkar (Aurangabad) was a  guest of honour. First of all Shri Suhas Vaidya feliciatated by president of the function Ad. Shivanirao Karad by offering him a garland, Showl and a Memento.  Shri Suhas Vaidya explained his experience in his field and importance of hard work , honesty and consistency of work. He motivated and inspired our students  to be a successful enterprenur.

               This function was held under gracious presence of Secretary of YES Ad. Udaykumar Kamkhedkar, Joint Secretary Prof. N.K. Golegavkar, shri Ganpat Vyas, Prof. S.K. Jogdand and Shri Udaykumar Asardohkar, Principal Dr V.S. Hamde and Vice-principal Smt Dr. B. D. Deshmukh. Dr. R.V. Kulkarni and prof. R.G. Joshi were conductor of open interview.  Shri Sachin Karad praposed oath of thanks.




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