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Dr. U. D. Joshi

Professor M.Sc (Physics), Ph.D.

Yogeshwari Education Society is firmly committed to providing value-based education to socially and economically backward students at affordable cost thereby enriching national human resource.

    We believe it is the moral duty of each & every teacher to inculcate human values ​​along with formal education to lead the society in right direction. A teacher’s reputation is based on how he/she develops skills in the students and help to build a well-cultured society. 
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Alumni Student

Vachan Prerna Din 

             The birth anniversary of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam is celebrated as ‘Vachan Prerna Din’ on 15th October 2017 with great enthusiasm, to pay homage to our former president. This was organized by NSS in collaboration with Library Science Department. On this occasion various activities were organized such as speech competition. Book exhibition was also organized in library. Students read books written by Dr. Abdul Kalam. This day was observed to get inspiration from late Dr. Kalam’s distinguished life and to inculcate habit of reading among students. On this occasion Principal Dr. V.S. Hamde, Vice- Principal Dr. Mrs. B.D.Deshmukh, Librarian Mrs. B.Y. Keskar, NSS Programme officer Dr. A.P. Narsinge, Dr. Y.S. Handibag, Dr. R.D. Joshi, Dr. V.R. Chaudhari, Prof. Ganesh Pingle & Dr. R.V. Kulkarni were present. Students took part actively. Students who gave speeches were felicitated by teachers.

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