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Dr. U. D. Joshi

Professor M.Sc (Physics), Ph.D.

Yogeshwari Education Society is firmly committed to providing value-based education to socially and economically backward students at affordable cost thereby enriching national human resource.

    We believe it is the moral duty of each & every teacher to inculcate human values ​​along with formal education to lead the society in right direction. A teacher’s reputation is based on how he/she develops skills in the students and help to build a well-cultured society. 
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Alumni Student

Yogeshwari Educaiton Society Progressed because of Goal-Oriented People

Janardan Waghmare: Centenary Year of the Education Society Begins

 Dr. Janardan Waghmare, famous thinker and former Vice-Chancellor said that It needs goal-oriented people to sustain any institution and because of such people only Shri Yogeshwari Education Society has progressed so far.  He was speaking in inaugural ceremony of Yogeshwari Educaiton Society’s Centenary Year. An eminent environment expert, Atul Deulgaonkar was the special invitee on the occasion. President of Education Society, Dr. Suresh Khursale,  Education Society's Senior Advisor Adv. V. K. Chausalkar, Vice- President Adv. Shivajirao Karhad, Secretary Adv. Udaykumar Kamkhedkar, Dr. Mandatai Vaidya, Prof. Harish Deshpande were present on the dais.

Formation of knowledge based society by eradicating the faults in the education system is the need of time. Education should develop the society”, expecting this, Dr. Waghmare said that Yogeshwari Education Society was established out of the feeling of national solidarity. Providing education and serving the society was the aim of the founders of the institution. But nowadays the nature of education has changed. He regretted that the environment in the education is being polluted. He also mentioned the four objectives of education framed by the United Nations Organizations.

Speaking on the topic ‘My Role in Stopping Environment Degradation’, Atul Deulgaonkar said that the new generation is struggling for their virtual existence due to the over-use of social media. This new generation is risking their life in the craze of ‘Selfie’. But we need to think that what we are going to give to the New Year. He regretted that education, marital life and social life are in danger. Climate change has caused a huge loss to the poor tribal people and farmers. Through his PowerPoint presentation he focused light on the conflict among people in five continents, problems of malnourished children, farming and other issues.

President of the Education Society, Dr. Suresh Khursale presented the history of Education Society’s progress. He remarked that after independence, the Education Society and its progress has become the reality only because of the support of its former students and the support of people from society.

Prachi Goswami and Sneha Bardapure anchored the programme. Adv. Udaykumar Kamkhedkar expressed vote of thanks. N.C.C. cadets welcomed the guests by giving ‘the guard of honour’. The ‘Lezim Band’ of primary school students brought the guests to the venue of programme by playing the ‘lezim’. On this occasion, the guests released the coloured ballons in the sky. 

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